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Emanuel Kessler – Lecturer and Author

A portrait of me in black and white: I have short, dark hair falling over my forehead and a Henriquatre beard. I wear glasses with thin dark rims and a black long sleeve.

Welcome to My Homepage!

I, Emanuel Kessler, work as a lecturer and author. On this website I will give you a brief insight into my activities. Even though I have been active since 2014, this homepage was created in 2021 and is slowly increasing in content. Since most of the people I work with speak German, the English version of this homepage is a compact version.

My Activities

I give lectures, seminars and I write – in English and in German.

My Topics

From my point of view, I feel limited by listing topics. Naturally my qualifications and my publications give an insight into the topics of which I am aware. I suggest that you contact me if you have a special topic request.

Private Information